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About Sportshifters

In search of an upgrade for the shifter of one of our trackday cars we felt there was nothing available to our likes, even though the choice and offerings were tremendous. Only a few shift knob replacements available made from high grade materials rather than plastics, but nothing that transformed and upgraded the console as a whole.
With acces to high tech (CNC) machinery we decided we could do better. Starting off building many prototypes in the beginning of 2016, we launched the first SportShifter kit a few months later.

After expanding the models list and bringing kits available for most popular VAG models with a manual transmission, it became clear just the shift knob designs on their own were already a higher standard than most of the competition. Late 2019 standalone shift knob replacements for pretty much all modern VAG models were released, both for manual and automatic transmissions. As well in design as in quality outperforming the competition.

Today we are still working hard to expand the brands, models and option lists as much as we can, while processing orders coming in from around the World. 

If your car model is not listed yet, please drop us a message for a possible release date.

Roy Schuitema - Founder of - production process

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